About me :

I am currently a B.S. student at IUT.

My main research interest is High Performance Computing. I spend a lot of time porting important algorithms from different fields to GPU.  These fields include:

  • Bioinformatic
  • Image Processing
  • Clustering
  • Big Data

I've also enjoyed and will enjoy spending time with lots of brilliant minds at Linux Lab - IUT IT Center.


My TOEFL score is : R:30/L:30/S:20/W:28

My GPA is : 2.88 (14.94/20)

Educations :

B.S : Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) - 2009


HighSchool: Shahid Ejei High School

Research Interests :

  • High Performance Computing
  • Big Data (Hadoop, Mahout, Spark)
  • Grid Computing
  • Parallel Algorithms, Massively Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Programming (CUDA, MPI, OpenMP)

I have also ported some of the famous algorithms of the following fields to a parallel environment:

  • Bioinformatics (GPU)
  • Image Processing (GPU)
  • Spatial Data (Hadoop, Mahout, Spark)